Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose your charities for social justice?

Through people like you! We love when our customers give us feedback and suggest new charities. We love working with our local charities, as well as national, or even global, charities. We do our best to screen them, as we want your dollars to make as big of an impact as possible.

What if I want to recommend a cause?

Please contact us! People like you are how we decide who we are giving back to. Shoot us a message through social media or with the contact information below to suggest a cause for us to sponsor.

Why do you give 10% of sales to philanthropy and social justice and not 10% of total profits?

Authenticity. We don’t give just for the publicity or a tax write off, we give to make a real change in the world. In order to be authentic, we want the customer to know what their dollars are going to the moment they make their purchase, not just what would be convenient for us at the end of the year.

Buy a car in the company’s name? Profits go down. Want to go on a “company trip”? Profits go down. Didn’t sell as many of a product as you thought? Profits go down.

Often companies can operate for years and generate no profits. We are authentic and want to make a real difference in the world, so we take profits out of the equation. Bottom line, whether we know a product is going to do well or not, we are committed to making sure 10% of every single purchase goes toward making a change in our community, and the world.

Why gender neutral?

We wanted to create a place where everyone could shop, no matter what their gender is. We create quality products with fabrics that are flexible, and are designed to fit a variety of body types. We shoot for the “in-between” in design, focusing on comfort and versatility. ALL4ALL is what drives us every day, and our clothes represent that.

Where are your products made?

We work with every piece of clothing, printing pieces in-house or in collaboration with a local partner. We have products made all over the world, but we focus on building manufacturing up in our local community of Louisville, KY. In addition to our own Embellishment Facility, employing local workers, we work with local manufacturers to grow their business, which in the Midwest is something of an anomaly. All of our other manufacturers, including those in Los Angeles and New York, conform with the highest standards of Garment Manufacturing Laws.

Are your products sustainable?

We do use sustainable fabrics in many of our products, unfortunately, to keep our prices in-line with our competitors while still being able to give back, we aren’t able to offer every product made from sustainable fabric - yet!

One of the goals of the company as we grow is to have enough purchasing power to use sustainable fabrics, while still keeping our prices in-line with competitors who aren’t using sustainable fabrics.

What do the fish on your products mean?

The fish are our sizing! We wanted to think out of the box when it came to sizing, especially since we threw out the archaic men’s and women’s sizing system, so we came up with our own. Our sizing chart, found on every product page, refers to our 1-5 sizing convention. But no worries! Our goal is to try to fit as many people as we can. If you don’t see your size just let us know, and we will do whatever is possible to get it for you.

Why the name BLōFISH?

Did you know that the blowfish is one of the hardest species in the world to identify when it comes to gender? Many fish have also been known to be able to change genders. Because of this, we think BLōFISH is the perfect name to represent our design and message as a company.

How long will it take to receive my product?

We try to get our products to you as soon as humanly possible! Most of the time our domestic shipping is 2-5 days. If it takes any longer please contact us. We wish we could hand deliver each one in person and meet every customer!

Do you have an ambassador program?

Yes! We love getting people in the community active and involved. Our goal is to make a real change in the world, and the only way we can do that is with people like you helping. Click here to join our Maven program.

What is your exchange policy?

Wrong size? Nervous about ordering? No worries, we have your back. Free returns and exchanges.

Do you have international shipping?

We do! We have shipped to over 20 different countries. We are constantly working to bring our shipping costs down, and if you have a question about getting a lower rate shoot us a message below and we will see what we can do.

I’m in college and want to spread the word, how can I help?

We are working on our collegiate program now! Shoot us an inquiry in the message box below and we will get back to you!

Do you have a brick and mortar location?

We do! Our HQ is in Louisville, KY in the beautiful NuLu neighborhood. Stop by and visit us, we love to make new friends!

Cause of the Month: Best Buddies

Cause of the Month: Best Buddies

We are frequently contacted by charities asking for support through our Cause of the Month. We make our best effort to put each charity through a detailed vetting process and unfortunately, some are not a good fit for BLoFISH; whether...