Blofish featured art

Creatives For A Cause

Our very first Creatives for a Cause gallery was Anna Ingram's "Ink and Poppies." Ink and Poppies includes a mixture of paintings and ink drawings. The gallery was on display at our Market St. store in Louisville, KY throughout September. Prints and t-shirts featuring the artist's work are for sale while their gallery is being showcased, and 10% of all proceeds will benefit the cause of the artist's choice.


Handprints at an event BLōFISH Clothing hosted at their Louisville, KY storefront



How do I showcase my art?

You’re in the right place. Use the form below to submit your gallery.


- Your artwork must be original.

- Your art must not depict any form of inappropriate images or language.

-You must provide your own frames (if needed).

- Your must provide a minimum of 8 pieces of art, maximum to be determined.

- Providing prints is mandatory.

- You must agree to have artwork hung for the entire weekend as a minimum and one month as a maximum.

- Events will be set as the first Saturday of each month unless specified otherwise.

- Profits are broken down as listed: House 30%, Artist 60%, Charity 10%.


- You must be at least 13 years old.

- Your lifestyle must align with the BLōFISH mission of "ALL4ALL".

- You must be willing to promote Creatives For A Cause on personal social media platforms.

- You must provide a small biography about yourself, a gallery description, and why you chose the cause you picked.

- You want to take part in changing the world, even if it is one donation at a time.

- You want to be a part of the BLōFISH community.