Your Cause. Your Friends. Your Pod.

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Your Cause. Your Friends. Your Pod.

Introducing the 10/10 Program

We’ve always been committed to raising funds for social justice. But, in the past, we’ve always chosen the causes to support — and we’ve supported some great ones like RAINN, The Trevor Project, and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation! You’ve been asking for more ways to help for a while now, which is why we’ve created the 10/10 program!

10/10 is an awesome new initiative created to help you impact the causes that matter the most to YOU! In addition to helping some great causes, you'll also get some cool swag as you hit different gear tiers! That's a pretty good deal in our book.

How It Works

Your Cause, Your Friends, Your Pod

As with our traditional Maven program, you will still get 10% off any purchase, but now 10% of every purchase will go back to YOUR chosen charity. All members of the pod will also have access to the 10% off code along with the same 10% back! You choose a cause to support, round up some friends, and start using the code, it’s easy! Your pod can be just you and a couple of friends, or it can be dozens of people, it’s really up to you! The more you grow, the more chances you’ll have to earn BLōFISH gear and opportunities to raise money for your cause through community activities.

Getting Started

  1. Go talk to all of your friends!
  2. Fill out the Maven Pod Application
  3. Can't decide on a charity? That’s okay, just let us know some causes that you are passionate about and we can help research and set you up with a charity!
  4. Then we will make your pod a code! This code will not only be used for 10% off products but also how we will track how much you’ve raised so it’s very important that you let everyone in your pod know to use your code ;-)

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email, message us on social media, or swing by the shop if you're local!

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