Why Do You Love BLōFISH?

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Why Do You Love BLōFISH?

Why do folks love BLōFISH? Why do you love BLōFISH? Hearing feedback from people who wear our clothing is how we continually strive to get better. This is why we use real customers in our photoshoots, and read every single review submitted.

We could go on all day about our unique, gender-neutral sizing, our super-soft fabrics, or how 10% of every purchase goes to social justice causes, but we prefer to let you do the talking. Check out this video featuring some of our all for all family who love our product and what we stand for:

Real Customer Reviews

“Super fantastic line of clothing appropriate for pretty much anyone ever. My 10 year old turned me on to it and I pretty much want everything in the store. The staff is fantastic. 100% fan. I'll be getting stuff there whenever I can.” – Kimberly Stelzer Clark, 5/5

“Amazing clothes. Amazing people. I live in my joggers now. The most perfect, softest pants and shirts on the planet.”  – Adriana Sandberg, 5/5

“Bought my first BlōFISH shirt on Saturday. Wore it on Monday and wanted more! I came to the Oxmoor store to find out it was only seasonal. I called the Market Street location to see to find out it was closed on Mondays. Moments after finding that out the owner Logan called me back. He happened to be in the store and wanted me to come on down. He was VERY helpful and nice! Would definitely recommend to a friend! The gender-neutral sizing fits perfect!” – Jordan Grubbs, 5/5

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Super-soft, gender-neutral, 10% to social justice. You in?

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