Podcast: Jay Thomas, Transgender Military Ban

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Podcast: Jay Thomas, Transgender Military Ban

How would you feel knowing that the country you’ve proudly served for 7 years no longer allowed you this right? Although you’ve adapted back to a citizen role within the community, you decide that you are ready to go back and serve; picking up where you left off. During your prior time in the military you were an honorable soldier that was respected among peers and superiors. On top of this, you are currently in a better mental, and physical mindset.

Then you’re told no.

You can’t come back.

This is what happened to Jay Thomas when he attempted to re-enlist into the armed forces. “What changed,” you may ask. “And why wouldn’t they let him back in?”

Yet the only change that took place was to his gender. Since the time that Jay originally served, he transitioned from a woman to a man.

Jay, who is from a small town in Tennessee, is battling to be able to re-enlist and serve this country because of a ban on transgender people being allowed in the military. This story is echoed by many others who are transitioning, who despite the fact that they are well qualified (and in Jay’s case, even proven on the battlefield), are being denied admittance. The current administration is gung-ho on implementing and keeping this ban on transgender people serving in the military.

For a first hand perspective and more on Jay’s story, check out our podcast with him here:




Picture Cred: https://thepridela.com/2019/01/supreme-court-approve-trans-military-ban/

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