Cause of the Month: You Can Play

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Cause of the Month: You Can Play

Being on a team is about communication, respect, and unity. But imagine not receiving that same support back because you're "different". You Can Play is breaking down prejudices in the sports world, and making it a more comfortable environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Whether you’re playing or watching, You Can Play is about allowing athletes to be their authentic selves on the field, in the locker room, or in the stands. Sports are one of the last places left in society where discrimination and slurs are tolerated. You Can Play aims to change this. According to their website, “There’s an assumption in sports that gay and lesbian players are shunned by all athletes. It’s just not true and You Can Play is dedicated to providing positive messages from athletes, coaches and fans. The biggest names in sports, the smallest high school teams, and the most casual fans are coming forward to let athletes and fans alike know that LGBTQ+ players are welcome on their teams, in their locker rooms and in the stands. If you have skill, if you have work ethic, if you can skate, pass, shoot, run, jump, hit, row or play – then you can play.”

We’re so proud to team up with You Can Play this month. 10% of each sale made in February will go directly to their mission of promoting inclusion, safety, and respect for all athletes, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.



With these ideas of equality, safety, and inclusion in mind, we’ve created a line of clothing we call LOVE IS LOVE. It includes some remixes on old favorites, as well as brand-new items we’re sure you’ll love. Click here to shop.

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