Cause of the Month: WaterStep

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Cause of the Month: WaterStep

1 in every 10 people in the world don’t have clean water.

1 in 10.

In a world where we are able to communicate around the world simultaneously, have done things like land on the moon, and more than enough resources to go around, there are still people living day to day without clean water.

What if I told you for a few hundred dollars a whole village who has lived without clean water could have it overnight?

A car battery, salt, a small motor and a few other parts is all you need to generate enough clean water with WaterStep’s solution.

An organization in our community of Louisville, KY, WaterStep has been working to get this solution in front of as many people as possible. WaterStep was founded under its current name in 2012, but its founder Mark Hogg has been working to get clean water everywhere in the world nearly his whole life. After a church-led trip to West Africa in 1983, Mark realized the power clean water has in not only changing lives on a daily basis, but also connecting communities. The first iteration of WaterStep was formed in 1995. Since his trip in 1983, and with the help of countless volunteers, Mark has been able to change the lives of thousands of people across the world.

WaterStep has also helped communities in other ways and through volunteer engineers and amazing creativity have come up with many other solutions to problems villages face on a daily basis. The WaterBall was created to help women who have to carry water from a source far away, sometimes miles, by buckets. The Bleachmaker allows people in undeveloped places to start their own businesses by creating bleach and selling it around their village and region, where there is often no sanitizing tools or where they are cost prohibitive. The Bleachmaker also allows small economies to start forming, which along with things like micro loans have proven remarkably successful.

Along with changing the lives of people across the world on a daily basis, WaterStep also responds to disasters and is able to use their clean water technology and tools to provide clean water to people who would normally have to wait months to have their water restored. Just recently WaterStep has helped those caught in the disaster in Malawi, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Read more about the awesome things WaterStep is doing across the world here:

We are proud to support WaterStep for the month of May.


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