CAUSE OF THE MONTH: The American Civil Liberties Union

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CAUSE OF THE MONTH: The American Civil Liberties Union

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Every month, BLōFISH chooses a cause to donate 10% of every sale to. This month, in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Muslim Ban, we’ve decided to choose the American Civil Liberties Union as our cause. The ACLU works tirelessly in courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and preserve the Constitution’s promise of liberty for everyone in our country. We are proud to announce our FREEDOM4ALL line, coinciding with our work with the ACLU. Even though the current administration doesn’t agree with us, at BLōFISH, we believe everyone deserves the same rights, no matter their country of origin, religion, race, gender, or sexuality.

About the ACLU

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The ACLU was founded in 1920 by Roger Baldwin, Crystal Eastman, and Albert DeSilver. At the time, the Supreme Court had yet to uphold any free speech claims. According to their website, “Activists languished in jail for distributing anti-war literature. State-sanctioned violence against African-Americans was routine. Women won the right to vote only in August of that year. And constitutional rights for LGBT people were unthinkable.”

In that first year, the ACLU defended the promises of the Bill of Rights and has historically expanded its reach to those historically denied its protection. They were the first to fight the harassment and deportation of immigrants. In 1939, they won in the Supreme Court for the right for unions to organize, creating safer workplaces for everyone. They stood alone in 1924 when our government rounded up over 100,000 Japanese-Americans, unfairly placing them in internment in concentration camps. At times in America's history when frightened civilians were willing to give up their freedoms in the name of “national security,” the ACLU stood strong in defending liberty, and justice for all.

Unfortunately, even after 100 years, they still have work to do. Today more than ever. Particularly in terms of the rights of immigrants, their families, the LGBT+ population, and people of color. They cannot do this alone, which is why we are pledging to donate 10% of every sale in July to fund their cause.

Why Do We Need the ACLU?

The ACLU turns the Bill of Rights into real protections for real people. Once the government has the power to violate one person’s rights, it can use that power against any of us.

Before the ACLU, Freedom of Speech existed in the First Amendment but no law censoring speech had ever been struck down. With the ACLU involved in all major cases, everyone today has an enforceable right of Free Speech.

The ACLU works to defend those of us who cannot defend themselves, and as watchdogs for our government. When they see injustice, they speak out. Which is especially important in 2018, as we’re watching immigrants, Muslims, LGBT+ folks, and other marginalized groups lose some of their freedoms.

We need the ACLU to act as the voice for those who aren’t given one by our government, we need them to enact change, and most importantly, we need them to defend our rights.

The FREEDOM4ALL Collection

In conjunction with donating 10% of every sale in the month of July to the ACLU, we’re proud to announce our #FREEDOM4ALL line. This line of clothing is meant for everyone, no matter your gender, race, or religion because freedom is meant for everyone. It’s what this country we live in was founded on, and it’s what we’re fighting for every day.

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