CAUSE OF THE MONTH: Breathing Becomes Effortless Foundation

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CAUSE OF THE MONTH: Breathing Becomes Effortless Foundation

Every month, we choose a cause to support by donating 10% of our sales and we are so excited to be partnering with the Breathing Becomes Effortless Foundation! Started by Sophia Cerniglia, Breathing Becomes Effortless helps adults living with cystic fibrosis remain independent, and become independent.

"When living with this monster many things can happen unexpectedly. For example, your insurance drops you, you don't have the money to pay for your medication refills, maybe you need help with groceries one month or you're in the hospital for weeks or months at a time and bills still need to be paid." -Sophia Cerniglia 

Cystic Fibrosis, or CF, is an inherited, chronic disease that interferes with respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems. The specific gene, CFTR, affects the cells that line the organs of these systems. This causes the production of thick, sticky mucus that builds up and clogs small airways and passageways that carry harmful bacteria out of the body. Since these bacterias can get trapped, they can cause serious infections that weaken organs and place constant stress on the immune system.

Sophia was diagnosed with CF as a child, and as an adult continues to fight for folks living with the disease through the Breathing Becomes Effortless Foundation.

While often considered a childhood disease, more and more people with CF are living into their 20's and beyond. Although an amazing breakthrough, adults are left with the burden of costly medical expenses that follow this disease. This is where Sophia's mission and the Breathing Becomes Effortless Foundation comes in. They're here to help adults with CF pay bills, keep food on the table, get the treatments they need, and create a strong support system.

We've created the limited edition BREATHE collection, to highlight the Breathing Becomes Effortless Foundation. We've incorporated purple, the color of CF awareness, along with the foundation's logo, to create specialty items to raise money to help adults living with CF. We are so excited to be giving 10% of each sale made in-store and online this August to Breathing Becomes Effortless!

To learn more about Sophia and her story, visit


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