Cause of the Month: USPIRITUS

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Cause of the Month: USPIRITUS


How do we pick our charities?


People like you.


One of our customers, Christopher came in the shop one day and started telling me how he was on the board for a local non-profit called Uspiritus, a charity that helps foster kids in the Louisville, Ky area. We began talking and he informed us that he had a “birthday goal” of raising $4,000 to donate to charity.


Thanks to customers like you, we were able to not only meet his goal, but surpass it.


We did our research (we research all charities as much as possible before choosing) and saw the impact Uspiritus was making on the youth in our community. We learned how amazing this non-profit really is.


They not only have a therapeutic foster care and adoption system, but they also have programs that help families stay together and grow, like their Common Sense Parenting Programs and the Family Preservation Program to help families keep functioning when going through tough times.


Two of Uspiritus’ branches have been around for over 160 years, and we at BLōFISH are glad to be able to help this non-profit continue to grow and support the youth in the region who need it most.


Have a charity you love? Want to know more about BLōFISH? Let us know. 


Learn more about Uspiritus by clicking here.

Email us at

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