BLōFISH partners with Swipe Out Hunger to fight student hunger

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BLōFISH partners with Swipe Out Hunger to fight student hunger

It's hard to concentrate and think when you're hungry, yet, 1 in 3 college students go to class hungry.

Student hunger is real.

BLōFISH wants to help change that.

We’re partnering with the nonprofit Swipe Out Hunger™ this holiday season to support their efforts to develop innovative solutions to fight student hunger at colleges across the country.

Make Room at the table hoodie

That's where our "Fight Hunger" line of clothing comes in. For every shirt & hoodie we sell, we'll donate 50% of each sale to Swipe Out Hunger.  We call it Clothing with a Purpose™

That’s not all. We’re asking our Mavens and BLōFISH community to help increase awareness of this issue.

A few years ago, in 2012, there were 15 members in the College and University Food Bank Alliance. Now there are over 600 food banks helping to relieve the lack of access to nourishing food.

Those numbers tell the story of the growing problem of food insecurity.

Rachel Sumekh, the chief executive of Swipe Out Hunger, says, “There were virtually no university administrators who wanted to acknowledge this was an issue five years ago."

Today, there are already 50 Swipe Out Hunger chapters in 23 states. Students donate unused meal “swipes” to support hunger relief on campus.

President Barack Obama called Swipe Out Hunger a “Champion of Change.”

BLōFISH boldly supports this crucial cause.

The holidays are about giving and receiving. When you purchase “Make Room at the Table Clothing” we’ll be giving a significant donation to Swipe Out Hunger. You’ll be receiving super-soft Clothing with a Purpose™and a greater awareness of this issue.

Help now, shop the collection.


Here's How Swipe Out Hunger Works

Students donate extra meal swipes from their food plan which are banked in a swipe fund. From there the funds provide dining credits for other students or to support food pantries on college campuses.

Despite many students working and receiving financial aid, they struggle with food insecurity, according to Katharine Broton, an assistant professor in educational policy and leadership studies at the University of Iowa, who has published research on food and housing insecurity in colleges.

Because traditional programs aren’t meeting student needs, BLōFISH stepped in to take action and work with Swipe Out Hunger.

Support the effort

The Make Room at the Table campaign not only supports Swipe Out Hunger’s efforts with 50 percent of every purchase helping more colleges launch hunger relief programs but it gives you a chance to talk about the problem of student hunger.

The graphic message is a perfect opportunity to discuss student hunger at colleges across the country and the great solution Swipe Out Hunger brings to the table.

Browse the BLōFISH clothing collection and support the cause.

About Swipe Out Hunger

Swipe Out Hunger is a non-profit based in Los Angeles that partners with universities nationwide to end student hunger. The organization provides both innovative and common sense solutions to food insecurity on college campuses. Swipe Out Hunger’s premiere program allows college students to donate their extra meal credits to support food insecure students on campus.

As of August 2018, Swipe Out Hunger has 50 campus partners with representation from 23 different states where 200-1000 students from each campus choose to give at each Swipes meal donation drive.

Check out their impact report. It’s impressive.

What’s coming

In addition to the “Make Room at the Table” line of clothing, BLōFISH plans an innovative, interactive t-shirt designer that allows fans to suggest another message to appear on shirts and hoodies to further support Swipe Out Hunger. We’ll pick out 10 favorites to a vote. We’ll produce another line of products with that message. Stay tuned. Sign up for our newsletter below to be the first to hear about when you can begin submitting ideas.

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